Looking for GMOD scripter

Hello !

We are looking for a GMOD scripter to help us set up a RP server, a customized Dark RP script would be perfect. All we would need are some custom jobs, skins and maybe some minor changes.

A good script and assistance will be rewarded with the admin status on our server and of course a compensation for the work.
Add caulaincourt250 on steam, send me a PM or e-mail if you’re interested.



Yay! Being able to be an admin on your server? That is well worth it then!!

Seriously… I think you should rethink what you are offering, and in general, not to use darkrp.

Try to read before you post, please. I said there is a compensation for the work, which means payment…
And we do not necessarily want Dark RP, if someone is able ot offer us something new and innovative we would be happy with it as long as it is a good script.

Hey Caulaincourt,

You’ll get more replies if you mention a ballpark figure of your “budget”. You may get more programmers interested in this if they have a basic to-do list and a basic sum of money you plan on paying them.

Good luck anyways.

How about not using other peoples hard work and taking it for granted, And make some plans to make your own role play.
Also compensation means: “Something, typically money, awarded to someone as a recompense for loss, injury, or suffering.”. I guess you could describe coding for dark rp a form of suffering, but otherwise try wording it as a “reward”.

Where do I take work for granted ? Also, compensation can be used to describe the work/payment relation. The scripter gets paid according to the amount of work he had.

Please don’t post in this thread again. People can think for themselves, if a scripter wants to help and take the job he will respond ,if he doesn’t like it he just moves on. They don’t need you just critisizing everything.

PS: I’ll have a list of the requirements/needs for the script later today.

Criticism is how we get better.
Also, speaking about people thinking for them selves, did you not think to post in the correct place? http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1193966

First time using this forum. I asked you not to post again.

So you think someone who is using the forums for the first time gets to tell other users who have been here for way longer what to do?
Just take my advice and leave.

I’m not telling people what to do. I just don’t like you spamming my thread with useless stuff. MonkeysLP told me to give more information and I will follow his advice. No need of you just criticizing everything.

Why don’t you follow my advice and ask a moderator to close this thread befor you get banned for missing the scripted hire thread…
And just a FYI, I am not spamming your thread with useless information, because by the looks of things, you are wanting a script to make your server stand out, where as a dark rp server will never stand out amongst the 2k other darkrp severs. Try and be original… So to say the least, use a less common gamemode.

Like that you’re really helping. Why be so mad at first ? Thanks.

Done, ill do for admin status and small payment, i will remain with server also for its length.
I can offer custom weapons / shipments / playerclass’s…

And can even set up a donater store for you with hats and such :wink:
Check PM for details and check steam for my current servers, i will need 1-8 hrs to setup depending on complexety of custom classes you require and depends if they require custom weapons and such.

FastDL will also be setup for you for free on one of my shared hosting reseller accounts with hostgator.

(anyone else who is interested pm me, dont hesitate to pm skills range from lua coding to compleate server administration)