Looking For Good Coder!/Server Co-Owner Reward

Hey guys. This is my first time actually paying any attention to Facepunch. But now i actually need help.

I’m looking for a good coder who is willing to code me a game mode for my server.
Reward: Server Co-owner, Maybe Pay, 100% credit for coding, 25% credit for the server itself.

What i want is a ‘Base Wars’ styled Game Mode. The idea is that when the round starts, you get 2 minutes to build a base. You press like f4 or something and a menu comes up where you can buy weapons and props. Every prop you buy is breakable, you make a base out of props you buy and as you level up the props you buy get stronger. Also i found a really good weapons pack which includes 66 weapons! i would like all those implimented as well. So you can buy them as you level, some weapons you need to be a certain level to buy. You gain XP by killing enemy team members and winning rounds, you also get money from that.

You can either make it from scratch (longer, harder)
OR you could edit Fort Wars (easier, faster)


To make life easier here are some things that will/might help.

The Weapons Pack I Want To Use:

A Money System (If you need it, you can just code your own if you wish):

Also, my friend said he would code the leveling system. But if you feel you can do better, Please code it!

Thanks guys! i really hope someone wants to help me. The reward includes (Every In Game Command, FTP access.)

Add me:

Nobody will code for only a co-owner reward.

then what else T_T

Money. You know, that little thing in most countries that provides a medium of exchange for goods and services?

I don’t see much point in paying for a coder.

You are requesting an entire gamemode. A gamemode that could possibly take a coder up to at least a week in my mind. I’m pretty sure that they’d rather money instead of Co-Ownership to a server they probably won’t even play.

Dude, they don’t have to do it from scratch. They can download and edit Fort Wars if they want.
Does it really matter if they don’t want to? i’m just trying my luck with the face-punch community.



That’s like saying you don’t see the point in paying the local shop for food.

Then what point is there in paying for a server, or a mapper, or anything? Get off the internet.

Even if it is for free…

well sooorryy nerds…

It takes a long time to code a gamemode, so if someone was going to take the time to do it why would they give you it so that you can take all of the credit? Coders will just set up their own server or release the code publicly if they made a decent gamemode unless you would give them enough money for it to be worth their time.

My advice is either make it yourself or pay real money.