Looking for good informations on SWEP construction.

I’m trying to write my own swep base according to the different wiki pages on wiki.garrysmod.com but i’m still hm… well it’s quite difficult to grasp.

If i understand well the swep has code running on the server and the client, i saw peoples that code everything in the shared.lua, but i’m trying to write my own flexible swep base. And i’m trying to take good habits and only run only what needs to run on the server, and the same for the client.

I’m finding it kind of difficult to grasp what’s going on, especially in shared events, i’ve been looking at other peoples code and it sometimes is really hard to understand what is getting executed on the server and what is executed on the client.

Could anybody help me put some light in there?

Well i guess i’m not the only person who is clueless…

I need help with this too.

I would like to know this as well…

Documents almost every hook. Good for a reference. If you have a question about an individual hook, then just ask it.