Looking for good roleplays

Hello Facepunch! I’m Syntho and I’m trying to find a good roleplay. I don’t want one with a mod where you just become a job and kill people. I want one where you actually roleplay and stuff. I’d be more interested into a zombie/horror roleplay, but any others are accepted too. Thanks in advance!

RRP does pretty much everything (Tons of content and changes story/theme alot), right now it’s pretty regular, but the community voted for zombie survival next. Might wanna check it out, we normally accept most people who passes our compulsive grammarnazism.

You can apply, and check out our community here: http://theravens.megagamer.net/index.php?action=forum

Keep in mind, we’re highly devoted, so it takes some effort to join.

Just a small intro/sneakpeak thread I made on our comming theme, in case it might make it more interesting:

We keep shit serious. RLRP theme.

If you want to try something new you should join [GM]. Of course we don’t really have a huge playerbase yet but that’s not really something that we worry about. We try to focus our efforts on finishing the script that we are working on + our custom map.

Here is the official [GM] thread on FP

If you want SERIOUS roleplay, then don’t do any DarkRP stuff, because no matter how good the admin team, and how well the server has worded “Serious” in there title, there will still be the same bullshit shenanigans.
Communities I’d reccomend:
TnB | Great roleplayers, amazing story, not too many caveats. Hl2rp
Roleplay Union | Fairly good roleplayers, they do a post apocalyptic server that has no one ever on, and a Cider 2 server, which is like DarkRP 2.0. ONLY DO THIS IF YOU CAN PUT UP WITH KUROS BULLSHIT. Post Apoc, RLRP
SSTRP | Has a few minges every once in awhile, but this server has alot of good roleplayers. It’s using TnBs script, and has a unique mission and promotion system that you won’t really see anywhere else. | SSTRP

Echo Two | Very Serious Roleplay, we have 2 servers Hl2rp and Parasite running a custom script. Parasite is apost apocalyptic theme similar to metro 2033 and Stalker. Hl2rp, its sorta like tnb but some foods aren’t banned by the combine

I run a super serious RERP server, check out the server in the RERP Gamemode topic I posted.