Looking for good server host

I am looking for a good VPS or dedicated server provider host in the EU/UK to host a few Gmod servers on. Any recommendations? We are looking to host at least 2 Gmod servers and a webserver. Is under 50 bucks doable? The most providers offer bad performance and high price.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance,

Someone in the UK suggested this to me: https://www.digitalocean.com/

I plan on trying it out for my future gamemodes.

GMChas a nice little setup going

Thanks for the recommendation Penguin. :slight_smile:

We only sell dedicated machines / “shared” game servers. Our dedicated server setup however is designed to host some of the top servers with the best performance. For your specific situation, I would recommend our “shared” game server hosting which still guarantees dedicated resources. The reason is because your budget is too low for our dedicated machines.

Our game server hosting should be able to stay in your budget. I’m assuming that when you say bucks, you’re referring to British Pounds.

Feel free to contact me directly.

We don’t really want a shared gameserver though, we want either VPS or dedicated so that we have full control, thanks for the replies though

There is no way you will find a reliable dedicated server for under $50 and if you did it would be absolutely rubbish.

GAME-1 server here: http://www.soyoustart.com/ie/game-servers/
It’s perfect, but it costs some more then 50$. OVH “not-game” servers can’t provide external MySQL access and they can’t host game servers, because all UDP is blocked. (I’ve tried…)

If you want cheap variant: https://www.hetzner.de/ot/hosting/produkte_rootserver/ex40
It costs 47$, but you get 12% less perfomance and no DDoS protection.
Don’t worry, you don’t need SSD - your server perfomance will not be better, but SSD offers less space for same price, then HDD.

OVH doesn’t block UDP on their normal servers.

I’ve tried to run gameserver on OVH two months ago - it don’t get listed in serverbrowser, and even when I’ve connected using IP, I’ve got “Connection failed after 3 retries” or something like this. Also, SourceBans couldn’t connect to server using UDP, if SB is hosted on OVH normal server.

Our game server hosting technically gets dedicated resources on a shared node just as VPSes do.

It’s all about your budget. If you want proper performance with the best DDoS protection but want to spend under 50 USD then our game server hosting is the only way for you to directly get proper performance without taking a risk with VPS providers.

Since you really want the freedom, a dedicated machine is most likely your end goal.

Price wise for our cheapest dedicated machine is in the 130 USD - 165 USD range which is quite over your budget.

If you don’t care about reliability / performance / DDoS protection then OVH (kimsufi or soyoustart) is for you.

My friend uses NFO Servers for a couple game servers. I’m pretty sure he uses a plan that’s below 50$/month and I’d say the performance is decent. I think they only have 1 location in Europe though. YMMV

Edit: The NFO plans I’m referring to are for VPS’s, so you get the full control you were looking for. My friend has it set up with Windows Server 2012 and we use remote desktop to control everything.

What the… OVH has most likely best DDoS protection on their game dedicated servers! Also, 4790k is the best CPU for GMOD, and I didn’t find any information about your CPU, so… OVH is still the best place for GMOD server.

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NFO Servers offers 1/4 of the cheapest OVH game server for nearly the same price. (Haswell is twice faster comparing to Nehalem NFO are using, and we get only 4 HT Threads instead of 8 HT Threads)

Hi, some hosts I’ve used in the past were


Overall, I have to say my best experiences were with digital ocean and ovh. However, nfo had amazing support as well, all questions were answered within a day or so. Vps dime was alright, extremely cheap but would recommend the others over it if you have some more money to spend.

Sorry but unfortunately you’re completely wrong, as a client of GMC Hosting, I can confirm that they’re extremely reliable and even answer personal steam messages almost any hour of the day if I’m in need of assistance.

I use Xenon Servers. Their really great, never had a problem with them.

Although if you plan on getting serious fast, getting a VPS. (basically a full controlled computer remotely)

Those tend to cost more but they are worth it because you don’t pay extra for more slots, you just add them.

It works fine for a friend, as of 10 minutes ago was when it was working.

I’m pretty sure he uses I7 4790k CPU’s for his servers, and I can confirm that his DDoS protection is alot better than what OVH uses, and also NFO null-route your server if you get DDoS’d. Another thing is, OVH has really long support time compared to anyone else (most of the time).

Stop giving hosting advice you have no idea what you are talking about. He was refering to SoYouStart/Kimsufi’s ddos protection which isn’t as good as the full OVH one. Also OVH is not close to having the best ddos protection for games. It’s good yes, but absolutely not the best.

Also about your connection issues, you probably didnt configure the ports right in the firewall.

OVH Anti-DDoS is good enough for it’s price. I’ve never tried NFO or others DoS protections, because they’re very expensive. Why you need a support? You can’t install GMOD DS by yourself using Wiki instructions?

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Why you think that OVH and SYS/Kimsufi DDoS protections are different?

I don’t think, I know. They state it themselves on their website.

OVH’s http://puu.sh/phsZK/613aa2962f.png
SoYouStart’s http://puu.sh/phsY9/2b53c4b1a5.png