Looking for "good" servers

So, after playing Gmod singleplayer for some while, I want to try my hand at Multiplayer. Trouble is, I don’t know any people that play Gmod, so I was thinking of heading over to some servers. But given the nature of servers in… pretty much any online game as far as I know, I wanted to ask people if they can recommend me any “good” servers. you know, ones that have active staff, or are known for being friendly, or are well populated, whatever you see as good, I’m willing to try. :slightly_smiling_face:

Everything depends on which gamemode you want to play on? There is a wide variety for everyone.

I was thinking of a prop hunt/guess who server, or sandbox. Those gamemodes seem the most fun to me.

Unfortunately your choice is going to be limited, these last years the number of servers running those gamemodes are decreasing in comparison to the roleplay servers. I don’t have any “good” servers to recommend to you but I guess you’ll make up your own opinion by connecting and playing on them.

I see, unfortunate indeed. I’ll look for servers on my own then, thanks for your time

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