Looking for Gravity Gun/Player Model .obj, .fbx. ,3ds , .ma or .mb


I want to remodel and texture a new physics gun (something dieselpunk-ish) and make a playermodel or two

I’ve found tutorials for getting new models in - Just wondering where I can find the physics gun and a player model in obj/fbx/3ds/ma/mb for ref for size and proportion scale when I model them in maya.


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Google ‘.mdl decompiler’, there’s tons, all you need to do is go into the Half Life 2 .vpk files (which you can open with GCFScape) and get the model, then use any decompiler to decompile it. Also, this should probably be posted in the modelling forum

I noticed after I posted sorry. Edited to ask it to be moved over.

Thanks for the help also!