Looking for great server provider.

Hey, I’m in the market to rent a 32 slot Gmod server (I could lower this to around 24 slots if I must, for cost). Currently, I have one with Brohoster (which is great value for what I pay), but I’d like my new 32 slot one to be as stable as possible and top-notch. I’ve been with artofwarcentral.com before but I wasn’t happy at all with them for several reasons. I’ve been checking out several different providers, but I’m not very experienced in this sort of thing so I can’t tell which one would be best. Basically, I don’t mind paying for quality. I was considering to go with UKGAME, but they charge you extra for every single feature (much like Ryanair) and I’m not sure what they’re like.
So, my question is, what server provider would you recommend? I’m Irish, so any European server provider would be great (but preferably UK). I don’t mind paying a reasonable sum if I get a good stable, server with server support in return.

If you don’t know any good ones, please just tell me what I should be looking for. (I don’t really know enough to compare specs, and I’ve no idea about Tick Rate). Thanks in advance :)!

Oh and I have searched for similar threads, but none of them are recent enough that I could find.

Brohoster does me pretty good at a cheap price.

I heard something about GamingDeluxe

Brohoster is very good value but my server with them could be a bit more stable.

I just checked out GamingDeluxe and it almost seems too good to be true… Does anyone have any experience with them?

I used their dedicated servers for a long time (now just co-location), their support is awsome

I looked at loads of providers but decided to go with Brohoster again. Much, much cheaper than the rest, and great support with them. I didn’t go with UKGAME because it was very expensive (40 pounds per month), nor did I go with gamingdeluxe because they didn’t seem to promote Garry’s Mod very well, and I didn’t want to go with a provider that usually hosts for CS:S/TF2 instead of Gmod. Anyway, thanks for the input guys - problem solved!

get a vps son