Looking for group for mutual survival

Hi everyone, got the game yesterday for mid $40 and I’ve been enjoying the little bit I’ve been able to play. I got to a decent point with a pistol and starting constructing a “real” house, not that pre-fab shelter when I was grieved. I was playing again this morning and things were humming along when I hear a gun shot in the distance. I quickly put out my fire and then here someone at the door. They demanded I open it up or they’d blow it down with C4. I quickly grabbed my things out of the fire and grabbed my bedroll and logged off.

Long story short, are there any groups looking for productive members and if so how would I even go about finding them on this massive map without compasses etc? Are there any generally “safe” towns that I can stay near until I can craft more formidable weapons?

I think there was a /do coords (according to the wikia) but it doesnt work and there is no map system other then your own memory. Which is a bit annoying.

If your on a EU sever Ill be sure to help you, if I ever find you that is.

As far as orientation, I recommend you orient everything to the giant mountain range next to spawn and quickly realize that the road system goes in a loop. What server to you play on btw?

I’ve been playing on the US Server but I’m currently waiting to try out the PVE for a bit. Should be on the PVP later tonight, probably during the Pats game.

Are there any resources up on that large mountain range? I feel like the best course of action is to find an area(s) that are less populated? Do those exist? My online name is Scottieg.