Looking for group / people to play with!

Hey, im looking for a group of people to play rust with. With less than a week of school left I’m going to have a lot of time to play rust! I have around 800+ total hours and have played since the game was a dutch auction last summer.

Preferably people older than 12 years old and have a decent mic, can use skype, vent, ts, mumble.


Im 13, and i’m trying to play rust more, my friends have it, but don’t wanna play it. If you would like to play some rust, hit me up on steam: GrabNGo

I’ll join you bro, i’ve got 460 hours playtime and i’ve just finished school so have alot of time to play.
give me your steam ID .

Hey, I am 14 years old. I would like to play,steam:Viper

Hey i’m 14 years old and i woud like to play with you steam: Matt (the one with the brony pic)

Hey, I’m 14 my steam name is ModernKnight29, and i have 239 hours in Rust. I also have skype.

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sent you a pm with my steam id

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have also added you

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noty, would rather not join a clan

I’ll play, why not I have 289 hours and I’ll use and voice client (preferably not skype since it lags me)

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/itsdajmann08/

join our new server USWest/Ultimate Survival/Wiped6/14,sleepers,noob friendly/Active Admin

no, stop spamming your shitty server on this thread, thanks

I wasn’t spamming it, just thought a good group might want in a nice server from the get go

you’ve type that exact same thing in like 6 of the most recent threads on the forum lol… not spamming at all

I meant in this one forum

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I am trying to get the name out

there is a server subforum for a reason

This shit is spamming, period. I’m not a mod, so this is advice, but you really need to quit it before you make it even worse on yourself.

If you paste the same message into more than two threads, you really need to reconsider what you’re doing, because that’s a very short road to spamming.

relax guys im sorry new to this