Looking for group

Looking for a group to play rust with. I did the solo thing for awhile and was successful at it. (I got rocket launcher, pump jack, quarry, c4 blueprints). But I hate being equipped and afraid to leave my base with it so I would only defend with my gear. I don’t need to piggy back off of anyone’s loot, I can supply myself.

In-game name/Steam name: FeelinHawt

Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/FeelinHawt

Age: 24

Location: United States (East Coast)

Mic/TeamSpeak/Ventrilo: Yes/yes/No but I can download it if need be.

How long have you played rust: Since legacy.

Reasons for LFG (Looking for group): I love rust as a fps. But I’m not a big fan of CoD. So being as rust is my primary FPS I minds well conform to the trend of group warfare.

What can I contribute: Time is the bigger thing I can contribute, I am very active. I can be on at least once a day for several hours at a time. I am mature and self supplied. My computer is awesome so you’ll never hear me complain about frame rate lag(even in heavily developed areas). During base defense I’ve taken out larger groups(only to have them raid me at night while I was offline). I’m not sure how I would be offensively, I haven’t done anything offensive yet.

Final thoughts: I prefer to play on high population server even as a solo’er. It gets boring seeing nobody for hours. I would like to start playing with people today if possible. I am a friendly player but that doesn’t mean I have to be part of a friendly group. So if you could use an active player who has had success as a solo’er, feel free to add me on steam. Please comment on here before you add me on steam because I don’t want a surge of invite that I most likely won’t accept.

I would also like to play with other mature players. Not being age specific because some 15 year olds are mature and other are not.

https://www.reddit.com/r/playrustlfg/ <-