Looking for groups recruiting.

Hey there im looking for a semi serious group, im 14 but mature for my age ive been playing rust for a week I know the basics mechanics but still learning.


DoA is currently accepting people

what do you use to communicate? skype, Teamspeak, mumble?

Skype and later on teamspeak

chaach did i meet you on the EU server

ts.playrust.net is a good Teamspeak to go on for your clan or if your looking for someone to team up with.

I think you did meet me, I think I remember your name.

Yeah, it must be if you remember my name a little, yeah I died trying to gather food and I could not get back to the same place.

I too am looking for a group to join. I have a pretty firm grasp on the game, and I’m old and laid back. I have a brother that would like to join as well. I would prefer to join a group that uses TS or mumble, and even better if an you’re already established clan that migrated from another game. Send me a message here please or hit up Joe Dirt in game

Yea, so by any chance do you want to team up?

If i find you yeah ill team up.

whats your skype?