Looking for help - 32 slot DarkRP Server

Myself and a friend have recently started a small community, one of our servers is a DarkRP Server (we’re hoping it to be serious roleplay, no idiots) and we’re also looking for a clan to use it which will be given exclusive rights on the server. Right now we’re currently looking for someone (or a small team) who is experienced in running a successfull DarkRP server who can help us get it on its feet and run it. If your interested then please send me a PM on steam, http://steamcommunity.com/id/sullysprofile/

For a little background information on the VPS we’ll be using to host the server here are our current specs (bear in mind we have a website, and small SAMP server also hosted on this which barely uses any resources).

8 cores
150GB HDD space
3GB guaranteed RAM
5GB burstable RAM
3TB traffic (1Gbit burst)