Looking for help to make a scene for a picture

I really want to try to recreate this scene. But I cant find a perfect map for it, or a model for the person who is all tied up. Im not asking for someone to make me stuff or anything but some advice on what I could use as an alternative or what I can do for a scenebuild. Also, im not sure if I should post this thread under this section or if I should movie it somewhere else. Feel free to tell me that as well

I can’t think of anything for the stalks, but you can use those plains in that one scenebuild thread.
Put it on a flat map or gm_black and just build it up. If you can try and combine, like, a cs:go hostage with someone else.

Do you have Left 4 Dead 2? That map set in a cornfield from one of its campaigns, I think The Parish(?), could work.

If you have L4D2 and EP2 mounted, use the map of The plantation from Swamp Fever, ported from Evil-Ash

and model for the person who is all tied up, use the Manuel noriega model from BOII

Excellent advice! Thanks everyone for commenting. I’ll try that l4d2 map but I think its too dark. Im going to try anyways and I will let you all know how it goes

a CS:GO hostage would be your best bet for the tied up guy