LOOKING for help with permanent Law sign

im currently owner of a dark RP server just wondering if there is anybody willing to help out with some features in exchange for admin to the server nothin to complex if so let me know i can get carried away with my mind anyways… the point of this is to have a perma law board as in to right corner of hud or a permanent sign that would not dissapear after the mayor has left thanks .

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If u wish to check out my server all is invited “The Hideout” DarkRP also with
Ts3 server ip: the-hideout.instantts.com:6122

Nobody wants admin on your shitty server.

Jesus Christ. People have got to stop offering that!

Offer money or gtfo.

wow could u be more of a douche with that reply some ppl will help and or how much money r u talking about?

Ill do it for a few bucks. PM me your steam name.