Looking for help with PERP coding.

Hello People!

As it says in the Subject I hardly need some help for my Garry’s Mod server. There are about 27 errors in my gamemode as I really have no idea how to fix. It seems advanced to me (I have a bit Lua experience) but it could be easy for some of you guys. Here is a example of one of the errors:

function GM:PlayerDisconnected ( )
timer.Simple(1, GAMEMODE.PushNumPlayers);

If you wanna help a beginner as me, please add me on skype or fell free to post a reply.

My skype name is “Bertel98”

Remember to mind your good language.


If it’s leaked version of perp then you should read this http://pulsareffect.com/forums/topic/2838-regarding-leaked-scripts/ and not bother to fix leaked perp versions.