Looking For Hexor For My Skins :S

Some Of You Know, My name on Steam iS Billy215/Sgt.Pancakes [UK] -Bill [SDK]

I have recently been into skinning, but i have had some issues hexing the models, If you are interested in hexing please add me - Billy215, But The Following Requirements Must be Met: You must: Know how to hex, and have Day Of Defeat: Source, Thanks for reading, heres some of my work:
Please Note That I Should Not Be banned for no images or anything, The Images are contained in the links.

Whats in it for me?: Well, you get some custom skins that nobody else will be recieving, You will also have 50% of the Credits As You Hex The Thing.
You will also have 50% of the public fame :smiley:

By the way, if this is not enough info will an admin please tell me rather than ban me, so that i know what i should add, I dont use forums much, so im not sure if this meets requirements, (YES I READ THE REQUIREMENT THREAD)

Nobody Interested? Thats Too Bad :frowning:

Will An Admin Close This Thread? THANKS

Try requesting here.Maybe he will hex them.