Looking for Hi-Res Reskins!

I was wondering if there are any worth while skins.
I like Hi-Res/HD, and I wanted to HD the hell out of my Gaming experience.
I’ll post pics later It’s kinda late And I wanted to request before I left.
Thanks in advanced. (Most of the Garrysmod.org reskins are either non-existant or dead. D: or terrible…
Some are good though.)

My personal favorite weapon skin, I re-uploaded it http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=75476

Didn’t make it

You could always go with Fakefactory but his models look pretty fucked up. Alyx looks like some whore or something but there is some neato stuff. Don’t ask me, I don’t keep up so I really won’t know the newest one

Thanks man. I owe you. :stuck_out_tongue: