Looking for hive mind feedback reguarding Modded Servers

So I recently. Decided to pull down my modded server to take time to figure out what I really wanted to offer as far as modded play.

before taking the server down which I won’t post any info linked to it which would take you no where anyways. it had the following mods and levels.
X5 gathering
increased stacks each one base on it’s use.
Zlevels With crafting turned on and capping at 10% vanilla Crafting (I personally hate instant crafting.)
TP/home No limit in times per day but a 10+ minute cooldown between uses.
Better loot
Quick sort
Better chat
admin only Vanish.
Commands to call airdrops.
Friendly fire.
Cupboards radius edited into a Sphere and extended to 45M

This is more geared towards modded Server owners or modded server players hell even vanilla players that would like to see a lightly modded server.

What Mods and At what Levels would you like to see?
I do plan to reopen the server not listing it here now or ever.
The areas i would like feedback.
Nothing extreme something that makes it more fun without getting insane.
Gather rate
Smelting/ Charcoal rate
TP/Home. Yes/ No?
Kits Yes/no? And some ideas.
Server Wipe Cycle?
Zlevels cap and rate increase.

Donator perks.
A few i was thinking about
instant upgrade of 1 base to armored
A bank plug that lets player deposit 5 items into the bank.
Donator only kits
Reserved slots

you are better making a server that you enjoy, or follows a particular theme, then adjusting it to meet your current populations interests.

the reason i say this is that i dislike kits, but many players like them. i dislike tp, but many people need them. i think gather rates could be buffed, but not 10-20 x gather.

the other thing is be careful with donator perks. they are a slippery slope to p2w, and will kill a server very quickly if they are out of balance. things like coloured text that don’t affect the gameplay are fine though.