Looking for host that allows direct access to plugins

I have searched around but cannot get a definitive answer. I currently have Multiplay as a host, they are great so far except for one thing. I cannot install mods without putting in a ticket and waiting. This annoys me as they take way too long to update mods after an update, and a couple of us on the server having programming experience and wish to test our own, without waiting a day or two for them to approve it. All together I wish to have more control over this aspect of my server. My question to you guys is what reliable host offers this feature? Thanks for your help.

Hi there Rocheklip! I’m the community manager for Multiplay.

I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having problems, I really am, in my free time I’ve run many servers for a number of games, I know what it’s like on the other side of the fence.

We’ve had a flurry of problems in a short timescale recently. Updates have caused a huge number of plugins to stop working that relied upon the plugin authors to update the plugins, this was the result of a version number problem caused by the update. Our coding monkeys have since solved that problem by applying edits to ALL the old plugins in order to ensure that they continue working with the new update until the authors get around to updating them themselves.

The decision to disallow access to these files at current lies with security. There are current known exploits that allow admin access to the server, this not only puts you at risk but it can leak over into other people on the network. At current our devs are looking at alternative ways to provide the kind of access people want but it is a huge problem. It should be noted that we allow much greater access to files with games that don’t have large security problems, Minecraft being one example.

It’s not something we want to do, it is however important to fully understand the reasoning for it as our devs believe that security as a priority is better for the users as a whole than simply reacting to security breaches as and when they happen.

We’re always open to feedback and I’d love to hear it! I care about the issues and want to help you fine people any way I can.

EDIT: More info on the recent update issues can be found here.

How come other server providers allow us to upload our own plugins? Don’t they have the same “security issues” as Multiplay?

They do.

I would generally prefer to be tactful here. I’m not out to say anything negative about other server providers. There are two schools of thought on the matter, there’s the school of thought Multiplay takes - that security of the machines and network is most important, that the users would rather have the highest reliability. Ultimately the exploits that this allows mean that a customer’s server could suffer as a result of someone attacking someone else’s server.

This however is often interpreted by users badly, they don’t know what’s going on behind the decision - they just see that it makes using their plugins a little bit of an inconvenience, they don’t realise the reasons behind it.

This leads to the other school of thought - that it’s better for the users to have a good opinion of your company providing what the users want despite the fact that it can lead to greater unreliability as machines will regularly have to go down to security issues. The users won’t see security issues as the cause though, they’ll just see a server crash, restart or shutdown without ever being given the real reasons for the occurrence.

I will tactfully say that it is the belief of our developers that the inconvenience is worth the far greater security. They believe that if the users fully understand this they would prefer it.

Thank you taking time to not only reply here but my post on Reddit, that’s real customer service! Let me try to understand more on why. So admins of servers can either accidentally or maliciously write a mod that could effect more then just their server, possible attack others, or cause memory leaks, CPU spikes? I can see how this is serious and you would want to control this. I do remember Garry posting the mods are not officially supported and can see the possibility of exploiting.

Just really hoping that we could have this power, maybe when mods are officially supported, which there is more important issues needing addressing over this IMO.