Looking for ideas and community input for a new project

It’s been a longgg while since I’ve been on these forums. I’m finding myself pretty bored these days so I figured I’d get back into mapping again to allow me to procrastinate more productively… if that’s possible.

Anyway, last time I mapped and actually released something was at least a couple of years ago, but that was a construct map. You know, open spaces, some water, some enclosed areas, blah blah blah the usual.
This time I’m thinking of maybe making a more city themed map. Tall buildings, maybe an inner city park, etc.
However, my friends that used to beta test my maps with me and contribute ideas have either disappeared from the gmod community or I haven’t seen them online in a long long time.

I would like to think that if I get properly back into mapping again that I’d be producing something that the community would be able to appreciate. So this it why I’m looking to you guys for some ideas and creative input.

What would you all like to see? What do you think would or wouldn’t work? What would you use it for?
Try to be specific and give some reasons too. The more I know the better I can make it.

Just to make it clear, I’m looking for ideas and not mapping tips and advice.

If we wanted maps, we’d request them, go into the request sub-forum and see who wants a map.

Yeah but requesting a map means they want a quality map for a gamemode or something. When all you have for experience is a few construct maps, it may be hard to deliver.

Just start making smaller scenes/maps until you can start making something big, don’t start with a city right off the bat.

Also begin watching tutorials again, alot have come up since you’ve been gone, just don’t watch 3kliksphillip’s ones.

I do appreciate the concern, and I’d give the exact same advice to a newbie mapper, but I’m not one. It just happens that the only map I released was a construct map, but I’ve had plenty of other projects and was mapping for a number of years before other aspects of life distracted me from the hobby.

I’m just here looking for ideas. I’d just like this project to be something people will appreciate if I get it to a level that I’m happy to release.

I did plan to have a look and see what’s changed. Don’t want to be getting left behind now, do I?

I have plenty on there, also check out Firegod522’s tutorials.

www.halfwit-2.com and www.interlopers.net have a combined amout of around 400-500 hundred tutorials. Good for beginers and allows you to build up experience and confidence at mapping.

Cheers for them. But now assuming I’m tutorialed out my nut, some suggestions and ideas would be better appreciated.

Or, enter the mapping competition and improve yourself through that.

I agree with Iron. Enter the next competion (I don’t know if you can still enter the current one) and maybe pair up with an experienced mapper. The competion gives direction and if you pair up with a knowledgable mapper then you gain expereiece from them.

Guys, thanks for all the tips and stuff, but that’s not the reason I started this thread.

I’m glad you’ve all got your mapping advice out of your systems, but I’m looking for ideas not advice, so if we could steer the thread in that direction it’d be nice.

Ideas?, if you want to get a job in the games development you can’t be going around asking for ideas, you have to think for yourself, design, draw or anything that you can to get ideas.

sigh. I think everyone has entirely missed the point of this thread. I’m not asking someone to design a map for me, otherwise I’d have posted in the requests section.

I was attempting to do something a little more community based, and even though you guys have been trying ever so hard to be helpful, it would seem like only a few have even bothered read the first post.

Make a train-jumping map - there’s just a bunch of high-speed trains and you have to jump from train to train on a system of rails, because there’s no where else to stand without dying.

Lol, just an idea. :buddy:

Thinking of the map is the best part about mapping, getting ideas from other people isn’t designing the map for yourself eitherway.

You could try to make the Foy map from the Band of brothers movie. That would take most of your time. Maps that are based off movies or shows tend to get allot of turning heads if they are based on something that is familiar.

I agree that it’s good to think about the map and be creative. I really enjoy putting in the details and getting creative which is why I’m not asking for someone to sketch me a city layout and design each building for me or whatever. Obviously if it’s a city map I’m gonna have so much space to fill with my own ideas that I don’t mind putting some things in that other people might want to see. I guess I’m more asking for inspiration rather than ideas in a way. hmm.

Then if you’re looking for inspiration check out the pimpage threads and the reference pictures thread.

No, you’re just making excuses now, design the map yourself it’ll be more special for you.

I don’t see the big deal with just giving him some inspiration, after all, I am not making the map for him, just giving ideas. Sure, if he can come up with something he’d like to make, he will. But at the moment he is in fact clueless as what to make. I think I can help with that much at least.

So let’s get started. How about:
An underground base? Always some good entertainment. Perhaps some sort of landscape? Snow maps are nice. And I don’t think there are many. Perhaps you like it hot? How about a dry landscape with lava flows? You could make escape the room maps. Or just some small scenes where people can ragdoll pose… The possibilities are endless, as long as you feel like seeing them through.