looking for ideas for new grenade sweps

My recent Coloured smoke grenade swep’s seemed to be liked from the general feedback i recieved so I am thinking of creating a new grenade swep pack!

ideas below! will be credited!

ones that shoot bird ragdolls everywhere.

lol k

Tripwire grenades?

Laser grenades that makes instakill lasers everywhere?

What about a grenade that when thrown, transforms into a huge fireball, and umm… burns everything within 100 foot?

Gas grenades?

Acid grenades? (Acid splash!)

Pokeball’s? (Capture npc’s, and maybe players too? and then you can throw them somewhere else to release?)

Healing grenades? (Heals everything they hit?)

Teleportation grenades? (You throw em’ and they teleport you to whatever they hit?)

Please be creative, I believe this communities prop launcher needs were filled sometime around 2006.

a tornado grenade? _(o_O)_/

How about a grenade that propels anything at massive speed that it hits.

Grenades launched from a slingshot.
my favorite part of one of my favorite games: Metal Arms: Glitch in the System.

I know how about make the red smoke grenade kinda like the care package grenade =D (MW2)

ace pilot youre in luck im making one atm!

You need to consider making grenades with specific visual effects to differentiate them. For example, grenades should all look and explode differently. Some effects to add to each grenade for example:

[ul][li]**Sprites - **Parent a different sprite to each of the grenade-entities. That way they are easily identifiable.
[li]**Sprite-Trails - **Using sprite-trails on some of the grenades would add to their visual effects. This makes throwing the actual grenade more pleasing because you can visually see the difference between each grenade as it flies through the air.
[li]**Custom Explosions - **Scripted effects provide a massive amount of possibilities when it comes to creating a custom explosion. This is a very important part of any grenade entity. The actual code-effects of the explosion seemed to be masked by their visual appearance. People want to see new and exciting explosions, made with materials and textures that are not commonly found in the Source Engine.
[li]**Particle-Effects - **By adding particle effects, you can increase the visual “Oomf!” of your grenade pack. Consider a grenade that doesn’t even have an explosion, but instead, launches hundreds of custom-made particles in all directions.

Overall, what I’m trying to get across here, is that the effects used on the grenade matter almost as much as the grenade’s core-code. People want to see the difference between the grenades. That being said, judging from your last pack of grenades, you understand what I mean. A simple difference in the color of the smoke is visually appealling, more so than the actual effect the grenade has on the world.

But enough babbling, here’s a few grenades that I think would be cool to play around with.

Plasma Grenades: Work like a regular grenade, except that the explosion texture could be colored blue, and upon exploding it could release “Plasma Particles” that match said explosion texture and would cause burn-damage to entities they touch.

Ion Grenades: Would have a different explosion effect all-together. It could release a shockwave of ions that Ionize all nearby entities and turn them blue for a few seconds. The color would slowly fade back to normal, and as it does, the damage the entity takes per-second would also be reduced to zero.

Anti-Matter Grenades: The grenade entity itself would have a sprite parented to it, to signal its steady matter-decay. Perhaps a sprite trail for that added “Sci-Fi Effect”. The effect for the explosion would need to be totally different than other grenades. (Custom textures, etc.). Upon exploding, all entities that directly touch the explosion’s radius are de-materialized (Consider the “Energy” effect from HL2 when a Combine Energy-Ball collides with an entity.)

Relatively simple one: A Longbow grenade (idea ripped from Borderlands).
You throw it, then it teleports (actually just moves really fast) to wherever you were aiming when you THROWD GRENAID.

what about an anti-gravity grenade? _(O_o)_/

The Perfect Dark Pinball Grenade!


A grenade that jumps from prop to prop, firing the last prop it was on at the closest player.

Disco grenade. Screws with everyone’s viewmodel and plays music.

what about a magnusson grenade, one that fires magnussons like a cluster bomb? _(O_o)_/

grenade launcher with EVERY idea above with changin fire mode?

A grenade that open up to be 4 Manhacks with red hot blades?