Looking for ideas for toning down weapons letality in a gamemode.

I like guns, we like guns or we wouldn’t be playing fps games, the problem i’m confronted with is how to keep guns in a gamemode yet make them … less desirable to solve a conflict.

one problme i remember from my kuroscript playing days is the good olod trick of aiming someone’s head, talk to them and quickly pop out your weapon as he answer to shoot him without possibilities to retaliate.

One obvious way of making weapons more… dangerous for their use is to greatly tone down precision and increase letality, this way the outcome of a gunfight becomes less certain and thus, more risky.

But this doesn’t solve the issue of “aim then raise your gun”, i’m looking for a mechanic that gives an early warning to peoples that someone is about to shoot, i thought maybe have all weapons requiring to be unholstered, that it would take time and be visible.

I don’t know… any ideas?

I firmly believe in changing player’s behavior through proper coding and gameplay tuning, i’m sure there has to be something that can be implemented in a gun based gamemode for this.

If you find the answer, every RP will be better.

“Look! We found the ancient treasure of a good weapon system buried under this pile of CDs!”
“Its too much for one person. Give it to the people.”

Help me understand:
A slowed down unholstering, say 10 seconds is what you are looking for?
That’s not exceedingly complicated.
And widening the firing cone while raising damage is as simple as changing a few numbers.

Westernize the guns, make them all have shit aim. :smiley:

When you’ve just unholstered your gun, make it really innaccurate.
Or add some kind of “cocking” for the guns (Adds realism too, somewhat), CSS like.