Looking for info related the "GMan Virus" and the creator behind it

So about a week or two ago, I began researching on this .lua virus that popped up in GMod 10 back in 2009, known as the scary “GMan virus” to many. I’ve been hitting a lot of dead ends, so I thought I would come here for some answers, since many people here have likely experienced it back then, or at least heard of it.

This is what I know so far:

  • Allegedly the original file name for the virus was "volitilevirus.lua"
  • Reports differ slightly on what the virus does exactly, but it’s commonly known that the face of GMan will jumpscare the player after a certain point.
  • The file itself wasn’t harmful, but it can open up your browser and lead you to a website that’ll spam multiple pop-ups that can harm your computer.
  • Players got infected with it by either joining servers, or downloading malicious addons from GarrysMod.org
  • It’s commonly thought that a hacker by the name of Chrisaster was the one behind the virus, but I haven’t found anything that proves it 100%.

Please let me know if any of you have additional information on this, especially if you have old pictures or videos showing how exactly this virus works. Heck, I’ll even download it and try it out myself if anyone still so happens to have the .lua file for it.

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I know a group of exploiters known as “Begotton” that hack gmod maybe they are behind it

Hi Ender.

I recently saw your new ice burg video and thought I’d share some information.

For some reason you censored DrPepper’s name in the video, alot of people think you’re protecting him/friends with him. To keep things short and laundry free, there’s alot of history and lore surrounding him so maybe you should research into that aswell, you can PM me I can fill you in privately.

In regards to Begotten I don’t think you even bothered googling the group…

The truth is the group is behind more than just exploits.

They destroy gmod servers, swat gmod roleplayers and create viruses like the GPU fryer.

Infact they are responsible for atleast 2-3 IRL deaths like known Gmod RPers Cerulean from Community85 and Eli from UWG.

One of their members Cash Wednesday committed suicide because of the sheer guilt of it all they have done.

They are releasing a new server called Begotten 3 where core mechanics are killing children, satantic rituals and alot of Alt right winged content aimed at radicalizing young U.S. citizens to join groups like the 1 percenters, The Base, Atomwaffen Division.

They are under investigation by homeland security and the FBI if I recall correctly.

This is a group you need to do more research on… Like I’ve said, this just touching the tip of the iceberg here.

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