Looking for keypad crackers.

I need a link for:
-Novice keypad cracker
-Keypad cracker
-Master keypad cracker

-Novice lock pick
-Master lockpick.

They are all made by Rickster and Chief Tiger. I’ve searched everywhere but cannot find them.

…What? What are these even for, DarkRP?

Yes, for DarkRP

Beg in the DarkRP thread. No one here likes DarkRP.

Where is the DarkRP thread?

Gamemode release section.

Anyways, I just recoded the original keypad cracker and lockpick, and just changed the speed of it and name.

Ehh lol? you sayied you have searched everywhere? What about trying garrysmod.org
I used 30 sek (And i mean it 30 sek) to find this!

You paid 30 kronor to find that?

Damn that’s like almost 3 quid.