Looking for Linux Hosting

I am looking for professional grade hosting using Linux platform for garrysmod.

Require US, UK and EU Linux servers. If you can fill the need of any location, please let me know.

I can only hope some GSP’s started to use Linux bins as Windows servers crammed, on a platform with piss poor memory management, are driving me up the wall.

100Mbps Uplink(s)
Multi-homed facility
Multi-core and multi-proc server(s).
Decent Load Averages

I’d take a look at server4you or serverloft.eu, they’re both in the same german datacenter, and both have a good price:performance ratio.

Then there’s hetzner.de, which has an offer for an i7 server at around €50 a month. 5TB of bandwidth and a 100Mbit

If you want it to be linux, and you’re sure about your requirements, the little extra in price for the massive extra in performance, you’re going to want to use a dedicated server instead of a GSP.

If you’re after a GSP, it doesn’t matter whether it’s Windows or Linux. What matters is the gameserver performance. Depending on a host’s setup, either OS might outperform the opposite on another host.

Actually, it does matter, as most modules are Windows only.

Granted, but I meant from a purely performance standpoint.

try serverffs




It does matter as I specified the OS. If I wanted a good GSP, I would of put that in the title.


The modules that count are cross-platform. Though it would of been nice to have the modules compiled and supported for both at the start of gmod10.


Thanks, I will check it out.

Overall the choices for hosters and the platform is sad. I would of thought that a few prime hosters would of deployed linux variants of gmod for clients. I do not want to commit to a dedicated machine for just presence in other countries.

Thanks for the responses so far; not as solid as I would of liked but it is FP.

SLog isn’t for Linux, and I NEED that

Well what do you want then? A gameserver, VPS or a dedicated box?

Why are you so hell bent on using Linux? There’s a reason GSPs don’t have GMOD for linux: it’s buggy and still more or less a beta. Also, what’s all that about piss poor memory management and Windows servers being crammed? What makes a Linux server different from a Windows server when it comes to allocating memory to processes and being ‘crammed’?


Because its fun to test out new things, Oh yeah, Windows has that shitty GUI of which you cannot disable.

If you really want you can get it without interface…

It is called Windows Server Core…


Interesting find but I’d prefer Linux over that.

windows GUI can be disabled AND changed. I for one have got windows 7 ultimate with the look of mac osx leopard.

I meant something like this,


A fully function heavily supported OS which allows you to completely turn off the GUI.

What’s it matter if it has a GUI or not? Unless you’re logged in, the explorer process isn’t using any CPU cycles for rendering and if it annoys you that much just kill explorer.exe.

Personally, I find having a GUI makes server administration much MUCH easier.

No, it doesn’t. Linux + Screen = love. With SSH I can just open a bunch of sessions in small windows on my desktop and just monitor the server through that. And it saves a lot of resource usage. (especially if you are connecting to a GUI through a program such as VNC)

Granted, this is assuming you did not mean windows. If you did - yes, GUI is generally easier.