Looking for lua coder to cooperate with

Hello,i am looking for a experianced lua coder to cooperate with.

I am semi capable lua coder i just want someone with a bit more experiance than me to work with.
I have made a few gamemodes before, i also revived gmod paintball, but who cares.

I am starting to create the new gamemode for my community, it is a very small gamemode, nice and simple.

so if anyone is interested in working with me please leave a post and we will talk further.

i am still looking, please respond

Would help if you posted some information about the gamemode

its an rp gamemode where you can grow pot and shrooms and be police officers and stuff.

$10 says im right

For the first time in your whole life you may be correct

I don’t know why the same people every time have to just make fun of people when they make threads. If you want to say something constructive do it, otherwise go away.

such a fail, this gamemode has nothing to do with rp whatsoever.

It is a simple idea cops and robbers, 2 teams, custom map, robbers run inside the vault grab the bag and get out, guards stop them, that simple, nothing else.

still looking for someone to work with.

note: i want someone to work with, not someone to hire,i want a partner who will help run my server and help me continue with this project.

So what exactly do you bring to the table if a coder agree’s to do it