Looking for Lua coder to make me a few scripts for my TTT Server *Paying*

My friend doesn’t have a FacePunch account so he requested me to post this thread. He wants a few scripts made for his TTT server. He said he will be PAYING, you guys can negotiate that.

Add him here http://steamcommunity.com/id/Penguino365

Mmhmm, Marky poo. Been awhile since me and you touched base.

Thought I was gone…Huh?

Kinda odd your friend has the same steamid as your account…How could that of happened?
Not to mention his name is also mark, Pretty nice friend ya got.

I remember you comming on my server saying you were better at lua then 90% of garrysmod then acting childish telling my admins to suck your dick and such, Thought i’d forget that? No way man.


If you really want help, Wait for someone to add ya. Else

Added him lol.

What’s your point? I know him IRL and he has the same name as me. Is that Illegal or something?

Hmm, some people might want some more info and such. Also, if your friend is hiring people then you should post here. http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1160575