Looking for Lua Coders


I am the founder and owner of a small community that has been up for a year as of June 23rd, we have done relatively well, but are now looking for more coders to help fix bugs, and keep projects moving in a forward direction. We are generally easy going, and have absolutely no problem rewarding fine work ($). Contact me at the e-mail below if you are a Lua coder who is looking for things to do, experience is optional to be perfectly honest. Anywhere from a new to seasoned coder would work for us. Experience and knowledge of RP gamemodes would be preferred, both playing, and under the hood. Let me know. Thank you in advance.



how much money is $

for all we know you could be giving us $0.50 an hour

I said rewarding for fine work, I’m not paying hourly. If you work quickly and don’t fuck everything up we will pay you. We won’t just give anyone access to our servers and let them loose to mess with things. Sorry.

Please go look in the thread, you will find coders there. Do not post separately it will just get locked.


Alright, will do sorry for the trouble.