Looking for LUA Coders.

Hey guys and girls. I’m new to facepunch so here’s hoping that I have got this thread in the right place.

Here’s what I need:
I’m looking for a, or a few LUA coders to work together just splicing bits on my gameservers; custom content. Revolving around more than one server; but all Garry’s Mod based. So if you’re interested; leave a reply and PM me for my steam.

I run my own community and we’re dabbling around in different gamemodes trying to get the best feel for it. And I think with our recent purchase we’ve established some form of working order in the community. Playerbase has been neglected recently due to many server IP changes; but with a short while and a small bit of dedication we’ll spring right back! I’m not going to post the website here due to advertising purposes and I don’t want to get banned.

Just looking for a few LUA coders to come help my team and myself.



Should have saved yourself some boxes.