Looking for Lua Mentor


Fine then people, don’t help me.

What’s so hard about that?

It’s actually easier when you have someone else explain it to you.

but this kid somehow expects you to help him, so i guess he cried a little and bumped his thread with a shitty post

Yes it is, and people help people. Like seriously why would a person not help a person learn some lua, unless they hate them. Oh well internet people are stupid anyways, not sure why I asked on such place that users who try are frowned upon, facepunch.

If you need help, ask a question. Don’t just say “I need help learning Lua”. It’s an extremely large subject that can’t just be taught overnight. Just view some tutorials, and if you have questions, ask them in the question board.

James, you’ve been realy dumb on Facepunch, that’s maybe why people ain’t helping you.

Funny that you’re rating me dumb for that, shows how childish you actually are :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I agree with Persious. I tryed to hep him with a FalloutRP thing with OpenAura, and he said he would give me money if i did “an outstanding job”, and I was like “no” and removed him.

Basic Point is: Always pay REAL MONEY for scripts

Basic Point is: Don’t charge for scripts.

Comes from a guy buying gold membership after 100 posts…

i’ll save your post and tell everyone next time you’re scammi…i mean hiring

Great Idea _Chewgum

Rating everyone’s post as Dumb will not get you anywhere near someone learning you Lua.

okay james first i was like, give the kid a chance … then i was like wtf do u talk about?
then i looked at your picture, and u looked just like justin bieber, now i don’t wanna help u at all!

hm… retarded rating… where is the retarded rating… i don’t see it anywhere.

oh well. On topic: you won’t get help if you act like that.


He has a haircut, and how does hair have to do with scripting?

I’m a medium-skilled lua coder. I already serve as some sort of mentor for many people who are in the process of learning the language.

I suppose you could add me to steam, and ask questions as they arise. However, I don’t have the time nor energy to spoon feed you things, nor do everything for you.

Rather, assuming you are trying to learn the language yourself, and need someone you can ask questions to as problems arise, I suppose I could help.

If my offer is still tempting, feel free to add me. That goes for everyone else reading this too.

Dellkan is nice enough to help me,** requesting thread lock**.

James0roll_, If you want any help at all, change your attitude and refine your question.
You’ve already got a reputation for being quite rude, and yet you act like people are obligated to help you.

And, as God Of War pointed out, Lua is an extremely large subject, and you can’t expect to learn it overnight, and you can’t expect someone is going to want to just commit a bunch of their precious free time everyday spoon-feeding basics that could be self-taught from the convenient Gmod wiki.

The bottom line is that you didn’t get any help not because “internet people are stupid”, but because the combination of your negative attitude and broad demands has led people to be a lot less willing to help.

Go to the wiki, teach yourself Lua at your own pace and interest, and we’ll be here in case you have any small problems.