Looking For LUA Programmer!

I recently just got into hosting servers and now I host 64 Slot DarkRP and Tiramusu. I Talked to the people who made both of these gamemodes and they said that I should build off of it.
I just need a person who is familiar with lua so that they can add things like Jobs in DarkRP and Flags in Tiramusu

Please Message me if interested!
Steam Account: sfglilt
Steam Profile: zDokterKodz


Will you pay?

I will apply if you will let me have admin abilities.

I will try to pay. If I could get a donation from the server then I guess thats yours.

That really never works out in the coders favour

I’m withdrawing my offer - I’ve been offered a (paying) job for a similar thing. Good luck whoever gets this.

Like I said. I cannot gurantee anything since the forum is not up YET but I have been getting lot of traffic on darkrp lately and not so much on seriousrp

So… you’re paying us to make jobs … for darkrp? Are you kidding me? That’s not even Lua scripting…

How much money?

He sayd Like Jobs in other words he also wants things like Sweps Shipments etc etc