Looking for lua teacher

I am looking for a good lua teacher. If anyone is interested please PM me. Expect a reward in money.

I could do it. One thing that boggles me is the fact that everyone has money available to spend on things like this. Then again, it could just be me.

Very kind of you indeed ninja. :slight_smile:

Good to see the community have some type of compassion for others, for once.

Goodluck with your learning! :smiley:

Yeah… I’ll start as soon as I can get my steam back or start a new account.

Sorry about the hi-jack, But if anybody else is willing to teach me that would be great aswell.

It’s easier if you learn yourself and ask friends that are experienced in Lua if you need help. You could also refer to the GMOD Wiki incase you get confused. That’s what I did. Just look at any script besides DarkRP.

Get my account back; add you later tonight if possible.

Can I join you guys ?

If you’re paying add me on steam and I can help. You can see some examples of my work in the first page of the lua scripting thread. Steam name- sintwin

Ide be happy to do it for free, but its not easy explaining it.

can i , can i , can i .?

I haven’t read the whole forum discussion, but if you have ever tried any other programming languages Lua will be piss easy. www.wiki.garrysmod.com is the best teacher, you read a lot then get to work and you will have a pretty good understanding of the language.

Why are you guys so fucking stupid. There’s a perfectly good tutorial on the Wiki. That’s how I learned. Then after you learn the basics, you can learn by asking “noobie questions” & by experience. I think it’s stupid to be paying someone for information that is right there & perfectly available for free.

Then keep pressing the right arrow at the bottom right of the screen to continue the tutorial.

It was that I had problems with much more complicated things. Basics are simple as fucking hell, but Jeff - thanks. I just though of facepunch’s “Noobie questions” forum. I will just try to study from it.

Do you mean me? If so, I’m sorry I couldn’t help. Just remember that Lua is like a stroll in the park compared to almost any other language other than Java, Batch, or .plist.