Looking for Machinima Crew

I hope this is the right section for this >.>

Anyway, I’m looking for people with at least some experience with Machinima to aid me with my Machinima group ZeroViews. What I’m really looking for is for people who can Film or Host. I would greatly appreciate it. if Interested message me. http://steamcommunity.com/id/Floppehz
Oh yeah, and here’s the group page. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZeroViews

I am a fairly dedicated machinima director. I have worked with several games in the past, one of them being GTA: San Andreas (it’s actually a good game for machinima if you know how to mod it correctly).

I know people that may be willing to host servers, and I am capable of hosting a 12-15 slot server myself on my server box.
I am also a script writer and a Lua coder. I’ve been planning on starting to work on my own machinima project, but I haven’t really gotten around to it.

Now, my question to you is simple: why would anyone join your machinima group? It consists of three members from what I can tell, and you haven’t even provided any real info about it. What type of machinima you’re planning on making, if you just work with the source engine/GMod etc etc.
If you want anyone to get interested in your group and its initiative, then you gotta fix this thread a bit.

Sure, i’ll go for it.

Price is $500

Thanks for the tips, I’ll get right to that.

Yeah man,Post some details.