Looking for map

Hey. Im in the Exogen clan and we run RP servers (NVRP, Medieval (soon) and WW3 (soon) )
Well I’m looking for World War 3 maps, which are big and where you can have various factions on. Like russians, americans and chinese or so.
Best would be either a HUGE map with two or three smaller cities on, or one HUGE city (Not Bigcity) with several houses you can enter.
Please respond…
If you have any map then please post it or send me a pm on Facepunch or on steam (Exo Forum-OP | Cocahot)

World war 3? did i miss something again?

Apocalypse is pretty big and has various villages.

Apocalypse we already use for NVRP and it’s post-apocalyptic. But WW3 should be pre-apocalyptic…

Hammer has a max size of half a mile cubed. Large enough for one city, not three.

Towns would be possible, probably better to have villages or hamlets in the area surrounded by plently of terrain.

WW3 would no longer be an apocalypse. Due to MAD, no one would ever start a thermonuclear exchange. Mankind will be their own destruction, via plague or overpopulation, but nuclear conflict is no longer a viable strategy.

Couldn’t I just have a destroyed desert with nothing but hills?

That’s probably what it’d look like.

Naw. Because we need faction bases. So like IronPhoenix said something like a huge map (maybe a desert) with several villages spread out somewhere, or some underground base or anything. Just it has to be a big map with possible faction-bases, and NOT post-apocalyptic and NOT after nuclear war or anything… Practically we need a map like rp_cscdesert_v2-1 just bigger, alot bigger and more various things (Like maybe a lake or a forest or something else. Just so that it isnt too boring, only having a desert)

Probably not actually. Grass and fungi thrive in radiation rich environments, and although high concentrations of radiation cause cellular degeneration, the genetic structure should be reasonably intact. However, mutations will show up, and swathes of land would be uninhabitable. Certainly any areas of military significance would be uninhabitable. London would be ruins due to the placement of certain top secret military facilities under the streets of london, but cornwall would be unaffected. The uk doesn’t have any ground based nuclear missiles, so there is nothing on that front to be targetted, usa and russia both have silos, both bunker and topside form. Russia has mobile missiles in the form of scuds, so has limited second strike capability.

There would still be places left pretty much untouched, most of the planet would be uninhabitable, but then again, most of the population would be wiped out. At a guess, based on various points, new zeland should be fairly inhabitable, areas of the uk should be fine, south america could be ok, and of course the poles…they are cold, but should be fairly free of unexploded ordanance.

You need to designate an event so the mapper can build around that. So a war is going to do more damage than a virus, although with a virus you have to take into account human panic. EMP could be an interesting one, again human panic, but no electical things built at that time would work. I do have a plan for when the emp hits in 2012…lets hope it doesn’t happen eh :slight_smile:

Practically I just want a huge map from the present-time. No radiation or anything like that. Just present themed map with several villages…

Okay, so after all that hassle about what you want, what’s the pay?

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John Wyndham…he was a theoretical scenario genius.

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I didnt ask for a mapper, only for a map, because not every map is on garrysmod.org. So I asked if someone knows a map like this, which isnt on garrysmod.org pls say.
If you decide to map it yourself you do it volunteerly

Nobody will do this voluntarily :v: