Looking for Mapper (Soviet Bloc)

I’m the owner of a community that’s currently working on getting our servers going. I’m looking for a mapper who can create a map that resembles an old Soviet Bloc city. This would be a rather large, but simple map with plenty of brutalist apartments, shops and of course, propaganda posters. Since it’s for a serious RP (similar to HL2RP), I don’t want it to have that DarkRP feel that bloc42 has.

Payment is possible, but I’d rather discuss that individually. I can be contacted here for any questions you might have.

I’m going to be making soviet apartaments for my map (gm_metrostroi). I can provide you prefabs and textures for them.

Tenementization has begun :v:

Yes, indeed, comrade.

What you have set in motion cannot be stopped. A glorious nation will rise from the techniques you have brought to light.

Except for the problem that there aren’t any good player models to fit in a Bloc RP…

However, I’ll get on that soon.

Hl2 citizens?
They already have standardized outifits, like Chinese Mao suits :v:

I have citizens down fine, I can just use a mix of Metro 2033 and HL2 models. The police are the problem. I can only find Spetsnaz NPCs and shitty, disfigured modern Russian police that feel like DarkRP instead of a more serious Nutscript RP. Everything else is pretty much NPCs or ragdolls, that NS can’t use.

What’ve you done oskutin.

After less land is available in developed regions, tenements are on the rise, news suggests

You could try putting up a bounty over on Polycount. Just be sure to read over past threads to make sure you get a general idea of how much it should cost.

Well actually, there was just a nutscript update to let it use all types of player models, so that should open up pretty much everything I tried to do. But Ill look into it.