Looking for Mapper to help establish Gmod server.

Madness Roleplay is looking for a mapper that has enough skill with their program to help us edit Harbor2Ocean to our server demands. We are in dire need of a mapper.
To contact me email me at camohaven@yahoo.com or just reply in here.
Thank you

Why not ask the author to do it?

I can help you! For free!

It’s a bad idea to edit a map because you will need to de-compile it

Unless you have got permission and the original vmf. If not, that’s stealing, and frowned upon here.

Its not hard to make whole new map like harbor2ocean

It may not be that bad to edit this map, as it seems you can download the .vmf from here: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=116603
But garrysmod.org is down at the moment, so it may not be an official release from the original author.

It is. He posted in his thread.