Looking for mapper to optimize a map ( $$ )

Have someone for the job, but Kruma was going to originally make it for me but he has scammed me out of $25.

I could do that. What kind of map your looking to optimize and how much are you offering?

It’s an edit of another map which probably means a decompiled version, unless they somehow managed to get the original VMF for once.

Wait… what? :v:

I’ve gotten kruma to do it, thanks all.


inb4 entire map is fucked and optimization means “fix this shit for me yo”

(User was banned for this post ("Meme Response" - Terrenteller))

wait you are joking about kruma right

Didn’t Kruma scam money out of somebody?



For the love of cock…

I’m going to help him out for free with his project, so np problem over.

20 k hours in Source sdk and this

Seems legit


that map has 20k of balls

He’s mapping at a rate of one ball per hour :v:

heh… balls


Yeah, do not trust Kruma.
He scammed me out of $25 dollars.

He should be banned from facepunch.

He can also be found prowling the lua and modelling forums for victims.

why isn’t he banned?

I haven’t read the official rules for Facepunch, but I’m sure it violates something somewhere.