Looking for mappers :Portal 2: Abyss

Team Abyss is looking for experienced mappers for our current project: Portal 2: Abyss
Project’s page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/portal-2-abyss
Official website: http://portal2abyss.com/

Quick notice!
This is an unpaid job. We are looking for people who can generously help the team from their Free time. The project run on a 0$ budget, therefore it is not possible to pay for any sort of work.

[The project]
Portal 2: Abyss is a fan modification of the game Portal 2,•by valve. We aim to create a completely new story based on the Portal Universe which focus on a different view of the Aperture Science Laboratories. It is a more Serious/Mature take of the Story of the Aperture Lab taking part in the Multiverse.

[The Job]
The mappers will create the maps from scratch. Artworks, Descriptions and Plans will be shared in order to facilitate the task.•
The mapping will occur in 3 stages.

  • Before starting a new map, we will discuss as a group every details regarding it and make quick sketches.
  • To reduce the chance of crashes, the maps will be created in modules. It also make it possible to work on two different parts of a map at the same time.
  • The Modules are finalized and reviewed by the team before being assembled as the final map.

Please, Do no submit your candidature if the following criteria do not describe you well.

  • Have an extensive knowledge of Hammer editor.
  • Own Portal 2 on Steam. (Must be installed and ready to play)
  • Have a few hours of free time to dedicate on the project
  • Can work as a volunteer. (no possible payment)
    (Optional Bellow)
  • Can model and import to Source Engine.
  • Proper image editing skills (creating logos, textures, etc)

Since this is an unpaid job, here’s a small list of benefits which are worth your attention.

You will be credited for all your work.
You will own the assets you create. (usually models, textures, etc.)
An opportunity to create high quality works which will expand your portfolio.
We do not impose any time limit/restriction. We do not wish to stress you out. However, be reasonable.

[To apply]
Please fill the following form: http://goo.gl/forms/MgDmMGcrsc
If it doesn’t work, Send me an Email at: francis92racucot@gmail.com