Looking for Mappers, scripters etc,

Im looking for lua scripters and mappers for my team of developers, we will be working on huge and a bit easier gamemodes.

To give you an example i was thinking of something to start with: Airwars: a gamemode that involves air based combat, 2 team or more, a propeller engine on their back, and a hell lot of guns, as the teams battle for victory they are able to get updates such as new bought from cash that can be earned for each honorable kill.

What would be MY part in the team? lua, lua scripting :slight_smile:

the group name isnt made up yet. so are you a lua scripter, OR a mapper… please PM me

So what would you be contributing to said gamemode?

And you need to give some more information about said gamemode, before people will take interest.

As ThomasFN said, we need some more informations about your “Kickass gamemode”. What is it about? What do you do? What is the purpose of the gamemode? etc.

i am part of this team. this team will be a general coding team putting together Original, legitimate gamemodes and possibly addons for the GarrysMod Community to use and enjoy.
as for the name, we have settled on Team MethShock.
The gamemode we currently have in mind is called “AirWar”, and was originally developed by me. it is based on CapsAdmin’s Propeller Mod.(with permissions of course)
It is based upon a red and blue team going after eachother in three gametypes which will be Team Deathmatch, Free For All, and possibly capture the flag.(hence mappers)
Players will fight for money to earn upgrades and items to help improve their performance,firepower, and overall capability.

This thread will now die slowly.

It would probably be more likely that you get a mapper if you actually made a decent presentation. No offense, but most FP’ers don’t take kindly to people who talk… well, like you do.


Also, most people wouldn’t want to help you unless you had some work on it already. Even bits and pieces of code to show would be just fine.

Uh… reward??

The satisfaction and pride to know that you contributed to a wise, intelligent community.


Nah I’m just fucking with ya.