Looking For Mappers to colab

I know collab mapping can be stressful since everyone has there personal touch… But im going to do it anyways.

Now i am looking for active people who have a microphone and Skype. You have to be determined and good attitude and open to others suggestions.
Preferably interested in Post-Apocalyptic themed maps and games. People who like Fallout, or S.T.A.L.K.E.R SoC and stuff like that.

I have one idea for this map. a Post-Apoc map that is like Metro 2033 meets Fallout 3 Capital wasteland.
I am looking people talented with terrains and lighting i want it to be more of a work of art then a map im going ambitious at this project.
Note* that im slightly noob at mapping. Here is some shots of a bathroom interior that ive worked on and Hiyu helped me with

If you are interested with working with me or giving me feedback than you can reach me via PM or my steam acc “Dr.Waddamelon”
My Skype is Waddamelon so shoot me a message if you are interested. ;D

You should really work on the lightning.

The two are quite different styles.

Also, it might be an idea to try and map solo…different people have different styles of mapping.

Send me an invite on steam Scott pillsgrim I am interested in helping because need to ge back into mapping

Yea but i want it to be unique not a remake of a certain style.

Added you skype but got no response.

Even if it might suck a bit, it still defeats the fullbright. :v:

So you use metro and fallout 3 as references?

If you want your own style, use your own style, not a mix of two.

well i want some easter eggs but like a i want it to be more realistic inspired by pictures of real abandoned places

This lighting isnt that. bad

I have been working on a zombie survival map that takes place in a city, kinda fallout 3 styled. This project looks interesting to me. I don’t have a single person on my friends list that can do anything with source sdk.

then send me a skype or steam request