Looking for mappers to help with greenlit Portal 2 mod.

Hi all,
I’m CitadelCore, team leader of Portal 2: Exhumaos which recently got Greenlit. You can find our page here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=598901586

We’re currently looking for individuals with a knowledge of one of the following:

  • Source Mapping (Portal 2)
  • Modeling (with Blender or 3DMax)
  • Music Composition (genre: horror)
  • Minor Texture Work / Photoshop work

If you’re willing to help please tell me in this thread, post on our Greenlight page or add me as a friend on Steam! We almost always accept new team members.
Unfortunately we cannot pay our team members as this is a free mod and we are making no profit off of it; however you may take as much time as you need.
Preferably team members wishing to join should be close to my timezone (UTC+09:30), but if you’re a different timezone and can still communicate with the team then that’s fine.
Team members should have knowledge of Steamworks, Github and Google Drive as we use all three of these to upload and distribute content. More will be explained if or when you join.

Our current team members:
Me [Mapper, Team Leader, Temp. Texture Artist, Legal Rep.]
Grammar Wizard [Mapper, Temp. Modeller, Finalization Team Leader]
Redstoncraft [Mapper, Finalization Team Leader]
Tom MacPow [Cave Johnson voice actor]
Greg Barnes [Lead Musician - currently busy]

Again, thanks for considering!

  • CitadelCore

Post what the current team members’ roles are. It would be nice to know why these additional team members are necessary, and who they’ll be working with.

oh, i think i fit!






Updated the OP with team member information.

Woah look I found the page!

Ahaha! Good job :slight_smile: