Looking for Maps

So, I’m planning on making a Gmod Machina.

I’m really just looking for any random map it just has to be easily transferable, meaning I can put it into the Gmod maps folder easily.

If anyone is willing to help me on this it would be much appreciated and your name will be within the credits.

Thanks, Elementico.

W8, what?

There are a lot of those kinds of maps, what specifically are you looking for in a map?

You’re welcome. c:

I hope I am not saying something wrong, but I dont know any maps where you have to do more than just put it into the maps folder.

OP. if you pay me 400 quid, you can have exclusive access to this:


Holy shit, just reading this I noticed how stupid I look.

At least you noticed it…
Believe me, there are/were worse people on FP.

That sounded rude

I actually wanted to point out that he didn’t do the worst fail on FP.
I don’t want to say names, but there are people…

It was aimed at you.