Looking for mature administrators (15+, with some exceptions)


So I recently bought this 50-slotter which will be used for devoted and mature roleplaying, people who joins will be applicants, show themselves to be mature, friendly and respectful. But we need more administrators.

This is our concept:

The role as an administrator:

  • You need to be helpful.
  • You need to participate in roleplay.
  • Use creactivity in case things gets boring.
  • Use good common sense and judgement, meaning:
    Example, two rival smugglers are looking to sell their
    contraband, one kills the other.

This is not RDM!

Random guy kills a shopkeeper, looting the store, and takes off.
This, however is.

If you play as a bodyguard for the Russian Connection, and a Serbian Tiger shows up and
kills you, that does not give you the right to ban that person, organized underground crime
is full of risks, and being involved means being killed.

  • Always keep your cool, if someone provokes you and you feel as if the heat of the moment may cloud your judgement, tell them so, and ban them for 10 minutes and let things cool off untill you can use a
    neutral opinion to a proper consiquence.

  • Do not use your admin skills to gain special classes/weapons, you are meant to use that for purpouses of people losing weapons, for example.

  • Accept defeat, players should feel safe to see you as equals.

  • Let the punishment fit the crime, and if you can, use IC punishments for OOC crimes.

  • Always use proper grammar and act as if you represent the server.

  • Do not use bias penalties, if someone offends someone else, or you, by their general opinion, it does not serve you right to punish them.

Example: If someone says something like “I don’t like a certain ethnical group.” OOC, it does not count as something for them to be banned for, aslong as it’s expressed in a sensible way, since rules of freedom of speech is allowed on the server. However being abusing and downright annoying, spamming opinions and rants in a rageful/willingly provoking manner so that it disturbs players, is accounted as spamming/flaming, which is accounted as breaking rules, comparison:
Keep in mind, I am using an offencive EXAMPLE of which is not my opinion.

“Niggers steals our taxmoney.” <-- Sure, to most, including me, that’s a very provoking thing to say, but I’d be selfish to silence someone else for my own personal convenience, and aslong as the person leaves it to one sentence, so that it dosn’t clogg up the chat, and people can move on, then fine, they said their piece and we can move on. If this should cause a dicussion, tell the parties to move on into the community chatroom, so that the rest of us won’t be bothered, or just use /pm-command. If things goes out of hand, you may mute the parties in the discussion/debate.

“I won’t ever respect you as a person due to that you’re not white.” <-- This, however, is very bannable, since all of a sudden, a general opinion was targeted at someone, thus making it abuse.

  • Make sure that the players keep up the atmosphere of the roleplay.
    This speaks for itself, any PAC abusers, 1337ers, sHiFtSwItChErS, things like that, BAN THEM!

  • Don’t mix IC with OOC.
    OOC, we want people to get along, if you’re a skinhead, christian, tentounic knight, whatever, keep it to yourself when others around may feel uncomfortable in your company, we want you to be able to express yourself, but not at the cost of others being rejected our cast out. IC, feel free to be the most inmature, inconsiderate, discriminating and selfish jerk ever, just keep a good grammar, and don’t be surprised if the last thing you see is a gunbarrel.

That should be about it, just provide a good example and see things in a grayscale, so that everyone gets fair treatment, despite how the general public feels about them.

Now, if you can do that, feel free to PM me, we are also looking for good scripters who can help out. I know the basics, maybe even the mediums, but still, if you feel like contributing, or just ease the burden for the current team, then that would be appriciated.

We got the server, once the content/gamemode is in order, it will start off, it will take a few days from how it looks now, it may be less if people join us.

So if you wish to join, we’ll be happy to talk to you, and if not, then take care I suppouse.

 From now on, contact our application manager, "Ðŕ.Пįmвlęś", on STEAM

Which gamemode?

DarkRP, ofcourse, since we check who’s allowed to join the server (Password, content can’t be downloaded from the server, applications required), it will be minge-free. So we can give the players the freedom of choise in order to develop a character they find suitable as their role, without the restrictions of which other servers have. We also have a big edit, purchaseable vehicles, more food, better physics, no physgun (now players can move props/items like in Oblivion/Fallout 3), required training for toolguns, etc.

So it’s like an extended version of DarkRP, really.

+1 for password.
Interested, I’ll be back later.

I’ve been excited for this gamemode since I saw that thread, I’d be willing to admin in the server, I’ll talk to you in-game and via steam I guess. xD

Sounds like you are really devoted to this RP concept. I fully support you in every way on this, but I do have a few concerns.

What if someone joins and goes though the application process and gains the server password. This user then takes the password to the server and shares it to everyone, and now you have people on the server who are causing trouble.

An idea would be a type of SteamID white-listing. When the user submits their application, they also need to submit their SteamID. This ensures that everyone on the server have been though the application process, and were accepted. You should still keep the passwords so random people don’t join the server just to get booted after loading.

Just food for thought, I don’t spend enough time playing Garry’s Mod to actually be a server administrator. If you are looking to turn this into a community, I may be able to help with organization. I have a web hosting account that sits idle most of the time and craves some bandwidth usage. I also have a good understanding of may bulletin board systems available, and have skill in PHP/HTML.

No offense to Vinze, but I’m not sure he’s capable of doing that white list, unless he’s a decent coder and decided not to tell me, although it sounds like a EXCELLENT idea.

People never tell me who they are from Facepunch, when I talk to them on Steam, this feels like a “I know you, yet I don’t.”-moment >_<.

Also, small server update:
People will now slow down when they are shot/injured, so cops can arrest people now!

I am not offended, and you’re very correct.

If you want to help us, Deadeye, we can hand you some ingame funds as a reward, how does 150.000 artificial bucks sound?

It is a very simple bit of code, just create a table of white listed SteamIDs, and compare it to their SteamID on the PlayerInitalSpawn hook.


Nah, no need. I honestly don’t play Garry’s Mod much anymore, probably only 2 hours over the past 2 weeks. I still do coding based around Garry’s Mod, and it is evident I’m still involved with the community.

:confused: never thought about that, also on steam I’m ||This is my name||, my FP account is quite old and I didn’t feel like making a new one to match my steam name. xD

Well, okay, I figured, just, like, you know… A gesture of appriciation, but I guess putting your credits somewhere will do, right?


Oh, fair enough, can’t see you in the contacts though, may aswell add you since you got that “I’m seemingly interested”-thing going on.

Also: All these fast replies makes my head explode ._.

I appreciate the gesture :v: I’m willing to do this to help your project, I’d love to see an actually prospering RP community based on good concepts and a great community.

Maybe take it over to Steam? A chat room is due for this quick discussion.

What’s your steam name Vinze?


Thanks you. :smiley:

It’s “VinceO_o” (Like, atleast that’s my username), incase the search isn’t narrowing too well.

And also, feel free to Steam me right away, Deadeye. I may not respond in a few minutes, though, since I gotta walk my dog >_<.

Looks cool, I’m pretty interested and I’ll see if I can talk to you if anything.

Invite sent close to 45 minutes ago xP No worries though, became busy quickly.

Sorry, keep getting spammed by dumbass-usergroups, like, people racist against the French and stuff like “OMG DISS GRP IS 4 PEEPOL WHO LIKEZ 12 YR OLD MAINSTREEM POINTLESSNUZZ” >_<.

Hei I beeleve i shud becum a admen bekuz i weel giev evry1 a aedmen guhn aend we will bee happey!

Just kidding :v:
But seriously…make sure you know who you are giving admin powers too…there was this incident with a clan of mine and well…lets just say you shouldn’t make the same mistake…