Looking For Mature Gmod Gamers

Any mature gamers out there?!
I started a little clan, and I’m looking for mature players. All I usually see is inmature little kids playing, if you’re not one of those kids then give me a message! It’s called Xenith Essence, and it’s a pretty new clan. If there is any mature gamers that qualify, give me a message on Steam! I will not be reading the comments below. I will be permantely leaving Facepunch forever due to the ridiculous comments.

My Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/XenithBF

  • Is mature (most important one of all)
  • Has a microphone (some exceptions can be made)
  • Atleast 16 years old (some exceptions can be made)

You’re looking for mature gamers so you came too facepunch?


You won’t find any here… haha

Lol, I’m pretty much new here. Was hoping to find some. xD Worth I try I suppose.

The people on this forum really don’t appreciate the smileys like XD or :wink:

Just to help you navigate the forums without being hassled or boxed by others.

But welcome to Facepunch though.

Thread title is pretty much an oxymoron.

You might find a few people but most GMod players aren’t that mature.

16 isnt mature

oh wait gmod consists of 83% 12 year olds, i guess 16 is mature in gmod hahahahhaa

What does one do in this clan?

How do you have a clan in GMOD?

No scoping

I am a purely mature player, I have the highest respect for everyone and everything. I would love to impart my wisdom upon your ser- penis penisPENIS

Age has nothing to do with maturity.

fuk u faggot

wow I’m going to get my friends to team view you

so maturity doesn’t come with age? yes you could teach people and shit and they would be considered mature, but this is gmod

It usually do, due to their early knowledge in school and they havent’t learnt from their mistakes yet

Its not totally dependent on age. Its a pretty major factor, sure, but age is more of a… per-requisite for maturity. Is that the right term?

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Regardless, coming to facepunch was probably… not the best idea as far as looking for “mature” gamers.

What are you talking about op and gm_ghosthunt could go around maturely with a toribash ragdoll the best times ever could be had

He said 16 AND mature

Where is the fun in being mature in gmod?