looking for modellers n mappers n such..

Hey everyone…

I’m gonna start making a bunch of machinima using Gmod and i wanna find a few people who could contribute with ragdolls and props and such. So far i’ve just used stuff off garrysmod.org but i figure its only a matter of time till people start geting pissed off with me using their work, plus theres usually a couple of things i cant actually get. If you want an idea of the sorta stuff im doing theres this semi-hilarious star wars parody i made http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqxWLJuAwKc and I have another few projects in the works as well but i need a few things to get them moving and thats where YOU come in (possibly). So if your interested then umm reply… now… preferably.

P.s im not paying anyone… im unemployed.

The Star Wars one wasn’t good. Before bringing on mappers and such, you should improve your skills.

People won’t get pissed at you using their work; that’s what it’s there for. Just as long as you don’t claim you made any of it.

oh… :frowning:


would it be possible to reiterate? not good like how?.. i dunno i know the animation isnt exactly great but some feedback would be kinda useful so i know what i need to fix.