Looking for Modern Warfare Remaster Gas Mask Enemy model

Hello, I’m looking for the enemy character model who wears the GP-5 gas mask from the new Modern Warfare Remaster.

I don’t have the game nor really plan to get it for PC so I can’t get it myself.

The model looks like this:

Thanks in advance!

The game just came out, I would give it a few more days before we get anything from that game.

The engine is still the same as in previous CoDs so the rip/extractor tools aren’t too hard to make. But alright.

Why do you don’t go ahead and make the tools yourself if it’s apparently so easy to make?

No need to get angry if I ask.

Don’t act like you know everything about things you actually know nothing about then.

Is everyone in this forum this helpful?

There are some.
Wraith should be updated for iw and mwr soon, give it a few days.

alright thanks, I’ll bump this thread once there is a tool for getting the models.