Looking for more mature(25+) players

Hello fellow gamers,
We are a group of mature gamers looking for more like minded individuals. We play 3-5 hours a night, mostly 10-3am(est) week nights and more on the weekend. We are 4 strong right now and looking to add 3-4 more. Pvp, large multi person base designs, we have our own server but also play on other clans servers so we see more action. Feel free to contact me on steam for more info.
Rennoc (black and white sun icon)

hey man i sent you a friend request.

tried to look you up but couldnt find you on steam, hit me up handle: jakedamansnake if you still need people

Nor could I find you, have you set up your steam profile?

Still need a few more

Added you

Still looking 25+

hey kjgentry, add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071993635

Add me I’m new sixburgh on steam

Sixburgh which are you there are 3

Is the one with a Mexican flag on it in Pittsburgh’s stadium if I’m not wrong the for DA add cool man

Changed it to sixburg805 so it could be easier

we are playing on, small server, oxide mod, decent late night population from the looks of it.

Sent you a request! nXs | Warm

Add me to steam bullwinkle. I don’t have an avatar