Looking for more players 16+

If you’re 16+ with a mic/skype hit me up!
House got raided by some noclipper on a 1 -3 pop server >.>
So trying to find a server with 20+ people to start advancing again.

skype : idriveby

Yo… oldfart here… my possy are all 24+ except 1 nutjob wich is 18+ we got currently 2 bases 1 is well hidden wich no one has found. second gets some walls blown but it don´t matter its a huge castle! But we are on a server and you can find uss there Mr.White

Cool, do you guys use skype/teamspeak or anything?

I got a great group going. Team speak info where we play and everything all located here.

Add me on steam as well

<<<< icon over there.