Looking for motivation and inspiration to continue with this Entity map.

This map has been laid to rest in my folder for over a year now and has always sparked interest amongst friends. It is a map that requires you to gather materials to accomplish and make things. I have finally made two tutorials to get people started to give them some idea as to what they need to do on the map. Because in the past no one has had any idea where to begin and what to do.

I am creating this thread to maybe get some advice on some more ideas of how things could become dependent of each other. I understand and I am fully aware of how it looks so giving advice such as “The displacement was too steep, I skinned my knee and it looks strange” I am aware of the visual faults. I wanted to complete the entity interaction before I implemented it to a city or a environment of some kind. So please watch a video see if it may spark your interest and maybe take a look at the map yourself and discover its secrets.

Download also comes with the Vmf ;D -Requires css for Textures

Part 1 Tutorial

Part 2 Tutorial

This map is in its alpha stage where things may not be balanced such as the pizza hut can have its light switch turned on and off a few times and the fuse breaks this still needs balance. Only 3 weapons on the weapon bench can be created the others do not come with gmod so cant be made(Glock, Pump shotgun and the Ak47). There is also a test button near the wood cutting workbench it spawns some items for testing purposes.
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Please enjoy and tell me what you think.

I shouldn’t have to post this so much.

The map itself looks pretty nice. Good entity and brushwork, but you need to work on textures. The way the trees break is pretty fucking clever.

That sheep makes me want to map until my fingers are numb. And then some more.

Shameless self bump but really looking for some ideas and suggestions so I can find the motivation to continue.
Thank you for the advice and picture but I am afraid that does not help me. As I said on the original post my concern is not so much visual I want to finish the entity interaction before I implement it into a environment.

If you can’t motivate yourself then you either need to figure out how or stop with it altogether. Requiring others to motivate you to continue working really isn’t what they’re here for as they won’t always be there to help you along this. There’s also not really much they can say to motivate you which is why I say this. If people wanting to play your map isn’t enough motivation then I don’t know what is.

Yes very good point I thought this would create some interest for myself and I cant really expect that from people. I am not entirely sure if people want to play it I have heard some good reports but not constructive criticism. I will take what you said to mind and hopefully find the motivation to continue or leave it. Thank you

I do wish Microsoft didn’t give birth to Windows Movie Maker.

Haha, i used to use it alot back then and thought it was cool lol